i made it.

My adventures started as soon as I got off the plane in ATL. I made the mistake of taking the people movers (I LOVE those things) to baggage claim instead of the train. It had to have been a good 3/4 mile in poor AC.  I got my bag and my MARTA ticket and was off to my new home in 100 Midtown.  I only have to walk 2.5 blocks from there, but I assure you I looked like a hot mess lugging my 2 suitcases. The wheels on the big one don’t work (they’re also on the long side) and it kept falling over. At one point, I almost fell over with it (picture it in your head. laugh.). I found the place easy enough though. I’m living in a 4-bedroom unit on the 8th floor. I have yet to meet any of my roommates because they’re apparently on vacation. From looking around, I think one of them is Indian; the decorations on her door and crazy amount of spices/weird foods have clued me to that. That being said, I don’t know where I’m going to put any of my dishes or groceries. Everything is all crazy full. And they have no TV. And it kind of smells funny, probably because there’s a big bag of trash right outside the door. And they didn’t even have the AC on! This might be a long 7 weeks.

I’ll try and post some pictures of my place and view soon. For now, I need to go to the store and get food. I kind of wish I had a friend to walk there with me…


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