fly, paper, fly.

After orientation, we met with our mentors. It was different for me because there are 2 interns for the ISP program. We are working on 2 projects with 2 faculty members, Cristian and Gustavo. We met with Christian (Eastern European, accent was a milder version of Evgeni Malkin). He told us more about our projects:

  1. The Fly Paper effect.  The equilibrium point between public and private spending does not match up with econ theory there is a budget expansion. There is a lot of work out there on this topic, but we are going to study it at an international level, which is new.
  2. The effect of an economic crisis on fiscal decentralization in Latin America. This is Gustavo’s project so Cristian didn’t know much about it.

We meet back tomorrow to start lit review and there is a seminar for the whole group on Friday. As for the rest of today, I’m just gonna chill. I noticed a sign in the lobby that said there’s a pool tournament tonight. Free food and a chance to meet people, I’ll be there.

Oh, and BJ, I saw a discount basketball shoe place today.


Every time I try to save my draft, it disappears. :/  I had to download Firefox. Boo Opera.

Anyway, I made my way down to the pool tournament and there were only 3 people there! I ended up just walking right past it and going back upstairs. There’s a restaurant attached to the building, so I figured I’d give that a try. It’s called Buddha, and it serves Chinese/Thai/Malaysian. It’s open til 6 am so I’m thinking it’s Midtown’s version of Tolly Ho.   I had Thai ice tea (I love that stuff and don’t care how bad it is for me) and Sesame Chicken. It was good, and it all came super fast. They had the weirdest spoons for the soup; I wish I’d taken a picture.  I ate til I was full and still had a whole meal on my plate ( You might find this hard to believe, but in the summer, I don’t eat a lot. Probably just a normal person’s portion.). This excited me since it meant I could hold off buying a skillet and pot a little longer.  The best part was when the lady asked me if I needed a bag to take my leftovers and I told her no because I just lived right there. Her eyes lit up and then she gave me a 15% “good customer” discount. Cha ching!

And I’ve now met all of my roommates. They’re all Indian (I think), and the only name I remember is Nikita. I shall call them A, C, and D (those are their rooms). Nikita is A. The girl I met late last night is C. D just moved in 2 weeks ago. They all seem friendly, and they are a little older than me. Grad students maybe?


2 thoughts on “fly, paper, fly.

  1. Hi Kara,

    Sounds like you’re having a blast! Thai Tea – brings back memories of our trip to Long Beach – Star of Siam. How does it compare? I wonder if you had food poisoning? Hope you’re feeling better! Love reading your blogs – you’re a very creative writer!!! Such a talented, smart niece I have!!!

    So very proud of you!!!

    Ann 🙂

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