i’m a panther now!

Orientation lasted about 3 hours, and it’s made me really excited about this program. Our leader, Dr. Marton, is about as cool as Dr. Coulliette and has a sarcastic sense of humor.  There are 10 interns total, but one of them isn’t here yet. Here’s the breakdown:

Rosario- one of the few others not from GSU, but she’s married so she isn’t staying in the apartment building I’m in.

Julia- she’s the other girl staying at Midtown. Neither of us think we’re going to be close to our roommates. She brought a car and grew up in the suburbs so she knows the area a little.

Salah- she seems pretty nice. The project she’ll be researching is on Same Sex Marriage in the South. I don’t really know what that has to do with econ…

Michael- he’s staying at Midtown too, and he’s a math/econ major. Appears to be a pretty typical math geek.

Kendon- he served in the Marines and was stationed in Hawaii. He’s local, and wants to plan a trip to Savannah. You have no idea how much I’d love to do the ghost tour.

Rachael- she’s working in the International Studies dept. with me.  She married into a Cuban family so she’s really interested in our second problem (more about this next post).

Cassie- local with a strong Southern accent.

Perri- she didn’t say much.

Stephen- not here yet.

We all went and got Panther cards after the program introduction. I think mine turned out well. I like them better than Asbury’s.


After some IT stuff we had lunch with 2 of last year’s interns, Tan Tran and Isaac Boring (how do you like those names?) and they both had a lot of good stuff to share. GSU has a really great econ dept, with like 42 faculty or something and 3 high-end labs. There’s about 9 econ data analysis programs logged on the computers too. I’d only ever heard of E Views and Stata so it should be fun to maybe get a chance to learn lots of different programs. If I decide to go to grad school, I’d definitely apply here.


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