i figured out how chinese places make their chicken look fake.

Cooking adventures number 1: chicken should be simple, right?

Not for me. Not today at least. I made the mistake of assuming the chicken was boneless, and because I wanted to make chicken alfredo, I had the joys of cutting all the meat off the bones.  I also bought thighs. I don’t know why… to save money, I guess. I had oil sitting in the pan and for some reason my logic said I couldn’t just sit the chicken I cut up on it unless I turned on the heat at least a little. The cutting process was slow and I knew it would take awhile to fill the pan up, so I just turned it on simmer.  When I finally was ready to turn up the heat and cook it, I noticed that the sides down on the oil had turned that weird it doesn’t look real texture.  And because I used thighs it had weird color too.  Pretty much looked exactly like Chinese chicken.  I was scared.  I finished cooking it, put in a container (Publix doesn’t sell storage containers, so all of my leftovers will be in pie pans), and put it in the fridge.  I’ll try eating it tomorrow.  My dinner consisted of a cookie and fresh pineapple instead.

Before I had to come charge my computer, I was talking to my friend Annie. She’s interning in Colorado Springs for Focus on the Family.  I just got to thinking about how God has been so good to us.  Over the years, we’ve been denied a number of positions, but here we are this summer in about the greatest spots we could be in.  We’ve worried and stressed unnecessarily.  I don’t completely understand why, but in my life especially, nothing ever happens until I think all the options have passed. I don’t know why I never get the job until later, or why I only got accepted to the very last internship to respond.  A lesson of patience, perhaps?

As for tomorrow, I noticed the apartment is having a “raid our fridge until it’s empty” event starting at 1 pm.  I don’t need to leave for my seminar until 1:30 so I’ll probably hit that up, try meeting people again.  If I don’t make friends soon, I’m totally considering making an ad and posting it on the boards.  Do you think they’d let me do that?  It would read something like:

HI! I’m new here and I need friends!

I’m a sports enthusiast and a bit of a geek.

Kara, 809B.


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