this has the makings of a beautiful day.

And it’s only 1:00!

!cid__0602111009I left 40 minutes early today, and got to AYPS with 20 minutes to spare.  In orientation, Isaac had mentioned that GSU had bought the AYPS building from a bank and there was still a vault downstairs so I decided to check it out. I guessed correctly that the ‘V’ button in the elevator meant vault. They’ve turned it into a research room and I learned that’s where they keep all the expensive materials that regular library cards won’t get you access to. There’s a guy who sits in there and watches you while you walk around. I bet they have LoanPerformance…

I met with Cristian and Gustavo, and they assigned me the problem about determining whether an economic crisis has an effect on fiscal decentralization in Latin America.  Gustavo will be my main mentor. He explained the problem to me a little more and mapped out what the next few weeks will look like before giving me about 100 pages to read to further understand the concepts. I’m really excited about the problem.  He knows about my math background and I told him about math modeling and he said he’s really tempted to push me to make a theoretical model, but just thinks the time constraint is too much. The math kid in me really wants a model, so I plan to get all my reading done this weekend (he’s sending me lit review to do after the background stuff). The main things I need to understand are fiscal decentralization and crises. As it turns out, that wonderful class I had with Doc in spring ’10 had me read This Time Is Different, by Reinhart and Rogoff, so when Gustavo started talking about how much work they’ve done on the topic, I was like, “Hey! I read one of their books!”  TTID was pretty much a review of all the types of crises, so I’m ahead in that area and don’t need any further review!

I left pretty much right after my meeting because my stomach was yelling at me. I decided I wanted to cook tonight, so it was time to go buy that cookware. I wasn’t paying attention and I walked down the wrong street a block after MARTA, but it led me by this restaurant called Steel that I think I might want to check out (probably just because the word steel reminds of a certain city that I like way too much). I got to Publix and found that the skillet was 6 dollars off today so I was feeling pretty good…then I remembered reading that they have really good sales so I decided to just do a walk around the store.  I got to the freezer aisle and that’s when I saw them. My eyes popped and my mouth dropped and I stared in awe for at least 20 seconds. Mrs. T’s. And they were buy one, get one free! I cannot explain to you how happy that made me.


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