southern hospitality.

!cid__0603111135Today started off well. I listened to the KISS Morning Freak Show on my computer for awhile–those guys are seriously so hilarious.  Then I decided that I deserved to have a delicious breakfast, so I made myself Nutella crepes, and stuffed one of them with strawberry and kiwi.  They don’t look the prettiest, but man they were tasty.  Especially the plain Nutella ones, they got a little crunchy, kind of exactly like those straw-shaped chocolate stick wafer things my grandma always has. Mmmm.

I was running a little late because I decided to put a little effort into my appearance (I looked good) so I just sort of walked by Feast Friday on my way out and hoped there would still be food when I got back.  I was on the escalator heading down to the train when a guy starts running down it, so I figured the train must be close to leaving. I never look up times because there’s one every ten minutes or so, but I couldn’t afford to wait that long, so I ran after him.  I got my butt in a seat just as the doors closed.  I was kind of proud.

At this point I should mention that I didn’t feel that well when I woke up so I blame none of this paragraph on my breakfast.  I got to the seminar room and started really not feeling that well.  I was sweating all over and feeling kind of lightheaded.  I figured I could either hope for the best and push it through, or I could get up and leave now just in case something happened.  I was sitting in the back, so to leave I’d either have to move a bunch of extra chairs out of the way on one side, or jump over a bunch of computer cords on the other.  If there was a chance I was getting sick, I figured I should probably leave while I was still able to tackle those obstacles.  I was REALLY lightheaded by the time I reached the door, so I stopped there to get it together, and I told Dr. Marton I was going to step outside.  Luckily, I’d passed the bathrooms on the way in so I knew they were right around the corner.  I say luckily, because as soon as I stepped out of the room I got dizzy and had to stumble my way there.  I slammed my head into the wall twice and almost passed out repeatedly.  When I got to the bathroom, I didn’t even have enough in me to open the door so I just collapsed on the floor.  A few seconds later, Cassie came running around the corner to check on me (I wonder if she heard me hit the wall…).  She ran back to the room and grabbed the bowl of chocolates that had been passed around so I could get some sugar in me, and then she went and found me a Coke.  Those helped a lot, I was now at least completely coherent.  She was really concerned and kept asking if she should take me somewhere, but if you know me, you know I said no.  Instead, she just related to me, asking if I’d ever passed out before and keeping me talking so I would stay alert.  She had also grabbed Caroline, the econ office manager who we’d met the other day, and she went and found me some Aleve.  Caroline and the other office worker, Cassandra, kept coming to check on me, and Caroline said that whenever I felt ready she would take me home so I wouldn’t have to do the MARTA thing.  I was really thankful for that.  The whole thing seemed like maybe 25 minutes to me, but it turns out I was in the hallway/bathroom for about an hour.

When I was ready to go, Caroline couldn’t get a hold of her husband to get her car, so another woman ended up taking me back.  I got to see some cool buildings on the way, and noticed there’s a little park that has fountains like Triangle.  She told me I should check out Georgia Tech’s summer program schedule since I’m living right across the street from them.  Apparently, they close down one of their streets a few times to show a movie.  When I got back, Feast Friday was still going on, so I grabbed some cheese and crackers and Sunny D to eat later.  I went to sleep and actually just woke up about a half hour ago.  When I checked my email, I had one from Julia asking how I was doing, saying I’d really scared everyone. It also asked if she could get my number so we could hang out some time. Yay for friends!


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