Saturday morning I woke up from randomly dreaming about shopping at H&M.  My waking thoughts went like this: ‘I should go there today. I wonder where the closest one is…Monroeville? I’d need to fill up my tank. Yeah, maybe I’ll take a trip into the city today. Hold up. You’re in Atlanta, Kara. Oh yeah.’ Funny thing is, I actually ended up going to H&M anyway.

As I was making my chicken alfredo, Roommate C, Sonal, asked me if I wanted to go to Atlantic Station with her. [Side story: Being independent is either going to be very wasteful or very repetitive.  You’re supposed to use a jar of sauce within the week you open it, and I only used about 1/5 of the jar.  I don’t know what else to do with it other than to make some kind of pasta or chicken again…] Atlantic Station is cute little shopping square.  Sonal wanted to get a jacket because she’s going away for 10 days to somewhere chilly.  I later learned that this “chilly” was 70 degrees…what I would give to be in 70 degree weather… We were gone for about two hours and I can honestly say I had a really good time hanging out with her.  We talked about the normal ‘I barely know you’ stuff, tattoos and piercings, and the self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ told me a lot of restaurants I should try out.  Additionally, I learned Atlantic Station shows free movies every Thursday.  They’re showing HP7P1 the night before the new one premieres, so I’ll probably go.

Things I’ve learned:

-one of my roommates is actually Pakistani

-I’m addicted to Nutella on Ritz

-I’m really bad at using normal can openers

Oh, and Mom, I broke my hair dryer.


One thought on “bonding.

  1. Hi Kara,
    Would you like me to buy you a new hair dryer? I haven’t sent your book yet so maybe I could get one and put it all in the same box.
    Glad you are bonding with a roomie!
    Love, Mom

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