lunch break.

!cid__0614111223Tuesday I decided I was going to spend a proper day in the office and get there before eleven.  I’m getting in to the fun portion of the project where I just get to mess with the data and make tables and graphs.  When it got close to 12, I knew it was time for lunch.  I still had that Chick-fil-A coupon, so I headed down to the CNN building.  I wasn’t aware it was so geared towards the public.  They have one super legit food court–with Blimpie!  Should the family end up coming down ever, they had Great Wraps! too.  It was such a cool area, but I  had already decided I wanted to have lunch at Centennial Olympic Park across the street.  I stopped at the souvenir shop first though, and got my needed lapel pin.  Way safer of an environment for buying than Underground.  They have a peach pop and coke in a tin bottle.  I might go back.

Centennial Olympic Park, if you are unaware, was left from the ’96 Olympics and has the famous fountain shaped like the rings.  Honestly, I thought it would be bigger.  There wasn’t a show going on, so the fountain just kind of looked like Soak Zone at Idlewild–hundreds of kids running through the water.  Aside from the fountains, there’s some other cool statues and water areas.  I had to walk to the back of the park to find a place to eat.  Now it’s time to play the Which Black Guy Flirts With Kara Today game.  If you guessed an 8 year old on a field trip, you’d be correct!  He was kind of adorable, total math man in the making staring at his feet.


!cid__0614111235 !cid__0614111238 !cid__downsized_0614111259


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