i’m slacking.

I really thought I would be better at keeping up with this. Oh well.  Last Saturday I had lunch at 5th Street Ribs & Blues, which according to the Internet is one of Atlanta’s hidden treasures.  I’d agree. It’s a super chill, small, family owned place that has really good sweet tea.  I have yet to come across not really good sweet tea though. Plus one for ATL there.  I had ribs and baked beans and both were really good.  It’s not a sweet sauce, which is my preferred favorite, but a hotter smokey one.  My dad would really like this place–they even give you an extra dish of sauce.  My mom on the other hand, would hate it.

Saturday night I decided I would try to find this other church I had wanted to go to, and once again, I didn’t think I needed to look up directions.  I mean, I looked at it on Google Maps like two weeks earlier, I should still be good, right?  I made the train this week, only to discover that the Arts Center stop kind of drops you in the middle of nowhere.  It took me a good five minutes to figure out which direction I needed to go.  I walked around and around and around and for the life of me, I couldn’t find this church.  It was 9:54 at this point so I just ducked into the first one I came across, the Metaphysical Church of Atlanta.  I didn’t give it much thought until I sat down with the bulletin and realized they referred to God as “It”.  This church is a church of learning, and they teach all beliefs so that people can choose what they like.  I asked someone where the bathroom was and proceeded to sneak out the back.  I had enough time to get the First Presbyterian Church again.

This week I pretty much just worked.  I might make a separate post and explain that a bit.  Yesterday, though, was the first intern outing.  We went to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical site.  There’s a small museum and then you can walk out the back to a fountain and also to the street he grew up on. 

Afterwards, Julia took me over to Little 5 Points.  It’s an interesting area filled with vintage shops, tattoo parlors, creepy shops, wig shops, random shops, etc.  All of the buildings are painted some loud color too.  The first place we went into was super super random and pretty neat.  They had stuff ranging from cute plates to pickle flavored toothpaste and anything you could possibly want bacon-themed.  We ended up eating at Vortex, which claims the best burgers in Atlanta.  I wasn’t all that hungry though, so I ended up with a quesadilla.  I also drank at over a half gallon of sweet tea.  Seriously, they give you 32 oz4102988-The_Vortex-Atlanta. glasses.  Vortex is a no-nonsense place, the kind that plays CeeLo Green unedited and will refuse to pay attention to you if you’re on your phone. I respect that.

I ended my Friday playing some Monopoly card game with Ailia, Nikita, and Pretti.  Sonal hasn’t returned from her cruise yet.


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