my project.

!cid__0620111542aThat right there is what work looks like.  Last week I looked through the data and selected Latin American countries from the upper-middle income level that had a lot of data.  Along with two lower-middle income countries, I’m looking at ten countries total.  I made some time series graphs of fiscal decentralization and GDP.  You may not remember, but the point of the project is to find whether or not different types of crises have an effect on levels of fiscal decentralization, which is the movement of money from the central governments to sub-national governments.  I’m working with six types of crises–currency, banking, inflation, stock market, sovereign domestic debt, and sovereign external debt.  Most recently I’ve gotten into the fun part of running regressions.  I’m not using a whole lot of controls at this point, just GDP/capita, urbanization, and corruption.  Gustavo was explaining everything to me and I may or may not be using the regression data to make a series of equations and then using matrix algebra to solve for the constants.  Anyway, that’s a quick update.  I’m also trying to start on the paper, but it’s taking forever to write up all the lit review. Bleh.


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