it’s a good week.

I’ve been in a very good mood this week, and it would probably be a lie to not give some of the credit to #jagrwatch.  Call me sports-obsessed, because I am.  Also, I made Ham BBQ and it was delicious.  And I made the sauce from scratch…DAD.  I looked up some new churches Saturday night and ended up going to Grace Midtown.  It was a mile walk, and well worth it. I absolutely loved everything about the service, and at least 80% of the people were under 25.  Afterwards, I walked a little farther to Sublime Donuts, which has been on my list to try. Also delicious.

Yesterday we toured the CDC’s museum.  It was pretty interesting.  Here, via Julia, is a picture of us by a giant mosquito.  They also had hazmat suits we could try on.  We got back around lunchtime, so Julia, Stephen, and I decided to go eat together.  It was a good time, and I definitely approve of the Chicken Philly I had.

It’s our busiest week here.  Today we had lunch with the grad students. I had these great intentions of getting up early and spending my morning at the Georgia Tech football stadium until I absolutely had to leave.  You see, Chad Ochocinco has practiced there for the past 2 mornings and tweeted about it.  I was hoping it was a trend.  I promise I’m not creepy.  BUT I ended up sleeping in, and I don’t think he was there today anyway.  We have our final seminar tomorrow on Experimental Econ, so that should be really interesting, and finally, Friday we’re touring the Fed.  We’re also heading to a Braves game that night, and they’re playing the Orioles which means I’ll get to do my next favorite thing after cheering for Pittsburgh: cheer against Baltimore.

I’m almost done with my project aside from the paper. I thought I finished all my regressions Monday, but today I was told to look into all the variables again and see if there are some that can be deleted that will both not affect the results and up the number of observations.  That’s been tedious, but I should be done after about another hour tomorrow.  Gustavo has told me several times that he’s really impressed with what I’ve done so far, and apparently I’m really fast with Stata.  That’s pretty amazing since I’ve never had Econometrics.  He’s also told both Rachael and me that if we’d like to continue our work after the internship, that we would be good enough to present it at the Academy of Economics and Finance.  It’s in February, possibly the same weekend as math modeling.  I’d really like to present there–that would look great on my resume.  But could I give up modeling?  I just don’t know…


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