atlanta: the end, part 1.

I said I would finish writing about my time in Atlanta, and here I am! I really do apologize for taking so long. I’ll break the end into two parts, one for the internship, and one for all the other stuff I did.

My internship was wonderful.  I learned a lot of things pertaining to my topic, econometrics, how to do econ research, and what it’s like to be a grad student.  I had so much fun working with the data and trying to analyze which variables (I think I ended up picking 14) aside from the types of crises could have an effect on fiscal decentralization.  My mentor only gave me four–GDP, population, corruption, and urbanization.  Internal and external conflicts, ethnic tensions, the bank assets to GDP ratio, privatization, and entry barriers are some of the variables I added.  I spent days running regressions and making tables and got some statistically significant results for the inflation crisis!  I wrote a pretty nice paper, in my opinion, and it looks super legitimate because it has the GSU header on it.  My presentation went well, as did everyone else’s.

I was kind of sad when the job was over; we were a really fun group.  On the last day, we all decided to play a prank on Dr. Marton.  All summer he’d been telling us how they would put our picture on the main page of the GSU website, and we found out he really likes having his picture up.  Once we had our picture taken and he sent it to us, we photoshopped it and made a mock website. Here’s the screen shot:

So yeah, overall I really enjoyed this internship, but it did solidify for me that I don’t want to get a doctorate.


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