red river gorge-ous.

I got my first taste of how hard it can be to convince Zealous kids to do stuff together recently.  After a week of spending almost every meal in the cafeteria lobby trying to convince my classmates to come on our camping trip, I had a list of 16 brave souls.  When the time came, just 8 of us made the journey to the Red River Gorge.  My spirits were dim as I stood in the parking lot crossing off names, and I decided it would be a long year for me as Activities Director.  The night became significantly greater on the drive to the Gorge with Amanda, Krysti, and Stockton.  The trip was hilarious, and we messed up our directions quite a few times, turning around in abandoned gas station parking lots and driving on roads that suddenly ended.  The drive took twice as long as it should have.


We got to Koomer Ridge a little after nine.  The place is run by this really nice older couple.  As we got settled in, we tried to start building a fire.  We tried, we tried, and we tried, but the kindling wouldn’t stay lit long enough to catch any of the dry logs.  After almost an hour of defeat, we decided we needed to ask our campsite neighbors for help.

*note: This post was started on September 28. It is now December. I’m slow.  This is no longer going to be a descriptive tale, but more of a short summary.

Our camping neighbors were nice enough to give us a fire starter log, which we may or may not have opened incorrectly and had a difficult time using.  Eventually, we got a nice fire going and broke out the campfire necessities.  I learned that strawberry marshmallows make delicious s’mores.

*It is yet another week and a half or so later. Finishing this sucker now, because I want to start new posts.

The next morning, half of our group left for school as the rest of us headed to the infamous Miguel’s for lunch.  It’s a known spot to all who head out to the Gorge; they have highly unique pizza toppings.  We ordered one with feta cheese and chicken, and it was quite tasty.

We headed to the Gorge and decided to head to Courthouse Rock.  On the drive over, we came across a cute little dog in the middle of a dangerous stretch of road.  There weren’t any houses around, so we grabbed the dog and took her with us.  The Gorge was beautiful, weather could not have been more perfect, and we found people willing to take the dog to the nearest shelter.  It was a great trip.







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