asbury: the first semester.

I arrived at Asbury in a zombified state, with a dresser full of polos and not a dress in the closet (I now own zero polos and over twenty dresses).  My family drove to Kentucky in the middle of the night, and I was tired.  Out of this came an ID photo that I still hate to look it; I wasn’t a pretty sight.  However, I was at college, and my excitement couldn’t hide behind sleepy eyes forever.  My RA said I was the most enthusiastic freshman she had ever seen.  This meant that on day one I was already succeeding in my goal to be a different person than I was in high school.  That previous summer, I worked at my childhood church camp.  It did wonders to bring me out of my shell, and I was determined to keep that going.

My energy was waning by the time I finally met my roommate.  “HI!!!!!” She came in screaming; I was mortified.  Let’s back up to the day I got that letter in the mail telling me someone named Alex Gervasi was assigned as my roommate.  I did as any eager 18-year old would and immediately logged onto Facebook.  I typed in her name and stopped. “Oh. My. What have they done?” I thought.  Big hair, big sunglasses.  This girl and I could never be a good match.  The first few days in our room were pretty quiet, almost eerily so.  Thankfully there was football for us to relate over.  Almost four years later, I’m happy to say that this girl is one of my best friends.


One of the larger parts of my first semester was TAG.  I was blessed with a TAG group I actually liked; we were a pretty tight bunch, and I’m still close to quite a few of them.  We had a blast preparing a Napoleon Dynamite dance scene for our masquerade, and our performance won us a s’mores campfire.  It was one of the saddest fires I had ever seen.  We were cold and miserable, but we still managed to have a good time.  I was pleased to find two other math people in my TAG group: my friend Scott and one of our leaders, BJ.



fruit roll ups!

I had little idea what to expect as a college math major. Happily, I found the Asbury math department to be nothing like the stereotypical idea.  My advisor/professor was awesome and always asked me about football.  There were a lot of dating jokes, a lot of math salutations, and lot of friendly faces.  There is no other department as close knit as this one.  Once monthly we all got together for First Friday, a social event with (gasp!) real food!  I’ve met some truly great people out of this major.

As Asbury thinks highly of community, halls are a big thing.  There were a lot of freshman on my hall as well as on our brother hall, The Brotherhood.  I’m still close to all of those guys.  Our weekly dinners were practically a crime to miss, and as a sister hall, we had a blast baking the guys cookies and supporting them at their intramural games.  Also, man leg.


While most of my friends came out of hall, department, and TAG events, some came out of chance.  Annie and I didn’t like each other at first, and I’m not sure what the turning point was, but by the end of September, we were basically best friends.


And that about sums up my first semester.


coming soon.

As one of my goals for the new year, I hope to be diligent with writing. There have been my posts I’ve had in my head that haven’t been published because I just never get around to sitting down and writing them out. However, they’ve pretty much all been about the European Union and my thoughts on Germany’s place in it moving forward. It’s doubtful many people would want to read that anyway.

Instead, as graduation comes closer and I find myself looking back, I’ve decided to write reflections posts on each semester of my undergraduate experience.  Would anyone be interested in reading them?