so i moved to cincinnati.

Hey, remember that time I was going to write reflections on every year of college? Oops…

Anyway, as you probably know, I just moved to Cincinnati because friends and work opportunities and stuff. I live in a really nice little area. Here are some pictures, as promised.

Our lovely front door:


My color-coded bookshelf:


Another corner of my room:


Some stuff beside my closet:


I have a bed, too. Don’t worry.

Our bathroom:


Our kitchen. Shout out to the MP Vikes!


Our dining room. Someday we will have a table & chairs and maybe even a pantry more functional than my collection of lime green crates.


Our living room/deck:


It’s a nice place, and it has more closets than you could ever want. I didn’t include a picture from our deck because all you can see is the roof of some building. It’s not very pretty.


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