what i’ve been up to.

How’s Cincinnati? What kinds of things have you been doing without spending lots of money? Great questions. Here’s a little insight.

I’ve enjoyed a delicious frozen Baha Blast from Taco Bell and toured a really big house in northern Kentucky. That drink totally matched the green in my dress, but the sun ruined it in the picture. Sad day.










I stayed with my friends for a pretty awesome Arrested Development party/season 4 marathon. We had themed food and everything.





I’ve enjoyed my plastic covered desk chair that acts as our patio furniture.




…I’m bad at selfies.

I’ve discovered a memorial park beside the Sharonville library.








I’ve taken a silly book out and spent time poolside.



Anyway, my church is hosting something called Summer of Service next week. It brings in about 800 kids or so for worship and community outreach. I signed up for 3 volunteer slots as a cafe cashier, cook, and packed lunch maker–Laurelville and Macy’s have given me ALL the skills. I’m kind of upset I didn’t look at the volunteer list sooner, some get to go kayaking! It should feel good to get involved though.


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